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This tiny utility lets you minimize all seldom used windows either to a special common icon
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Dmitry Nikitin
Release date
23 January 2002

Editor's review

The clogged-up system taskbar with dozens of windows opened have always been an issue for PC users. There's no built-in system utility to hide rarely used windows. Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, to name a few, like opening new windows and taking up all the valuable space on the taskbar. Some resident programs place their icons in the system tray, but when the icon number exceeds half a dozen, the tray tends to use up a quarter of the desktop space allotted to the taskbar. Iconic Tray will help you organize your windows and clear up your taskbar.
Iconic Tray is a tool that minimizes both normal windows and tray icons to its own menu, clearing up the taskbar and the system tray. It also can minimize windows to their own icons in the tray if you choose that option. You can hide resident programs and opened windows that you don't use very often to a discreet menu in the tray and restore them with a single mouse click.
The program lets you assign shortcuts for different kinds of minimizing the windows. The trial version displays a nag window on program startup and is valid for fifteen days only. This program is a must for those who like opening dozens of windows simultaneously and still have the taskbar intact.

Publisher's description

This tiny service utility lets you minimize all seldom used or background windows either to a special common icon in the system tray or to the system tray directly. This helps to keep your taskbar clean for quick switching among often used applications. To minimize an application you may use mouse clicks or hotkeys. Minimized applications can be found in a popup list that appears when you click on the icon of the Iconic Tray or press the hotkey.
Iconic Tray
Iconic Tray
Version 1.1
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